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Golf Lessons at SummerGlen

We know everyone has goals—especially golfers! Whether your goal is to simply work on your full swing or to immerse yourself in every aspect of improving your game, we can help.

Golf Lessons for Any Golfing Goals

Golf lessons at Summer Glen are offered in several different packages. We encourage anyone at any level to find one that matches their goals and try it out!

You’ll have the opportunity to work on whatever aspect of golf that’s challenging you at the moment. Not sure what you’d like to target? No problem: our instructors can help you with not just your game, but with your goals as well. They can analyze your swing, observe your form, and provide personal assistance with identifying your weak areas.

Then, it becomes your personal challenge to face those challenges head on!

Long Game, Short Game, Mental Game…You Name It

Our instructors are clearly dedicated to providing customized instruction for each golf class they hold. There is no cookie cutter formula for teaching people how to play golf, so each class is fresh, exciting, and tailored for the people who are in that class.

How does that play out? Maybe one class will be more focused on the short game skills required for mastery of the game. And maybe another class will take on the mental aspect of the game, where the instructor provides instruction and guidance on improving mental golfing skills.

Golf Pro Instructors

All the instructors at Summer Glen are extremely dedicated to their craft. Golfers who attend classes notice that right away… it’s in the smiles that greet them when they first step out onto the practice course. It’s also in the personalized attention given to each student. It’s in the joy that shines through in everything they do. Their passion for teaching stems partly from loving the game of golf and partly from their love of sharing their knowledge with other people. That’s what makes them great teachers, and it’s why we feel lucky to have these top-notch people working for us at our golf community.

Come Meet Our Instructors

We know that a good golf instructor can mean everything for your game. If you’d like to meet one of our instructors or talk to someone about signing up for a class, we’d love for you to stop by and visit us in Ocala. Alternatively, you can call Summer Glen at (352) 307-1766.