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Golf Better in the Winter Time at SummerGlen

July 29, 2016

Golf Better This Upcoming Winter with the Right Preparation

It is natural to think of golf as a warm weather game. If asked to picture a golf course, most people instantly imagine rolling green hills, beautiful sunshine, and tanned older gentlemen shooting across the greens in motorized buggies. Yet, what happens if you live in a state that is not lucky enough to have all year round sun like the Ocala golf courses in Florida?

Should you stick to practicing your swing during the months of the year when the weather is most clement and retreat indoors when the temperatures drop? Or, should you dig out your hardiest waterproof jacket and head out onto the green anyway? Is it even possible to play golf in cold conditions? Well, this guide to golfing in the winter should help you find out.

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How to Choose the Best Set of Irons

June 15, 2016

It is a common mistake – usually made by novice golfers – to assume that the more you spend on a set or irons, the firmer the guarantee of success. Unfortunately, this is only true if the irons which you choose are suitable for your specific game and swing. In fact, as far as the pros are concerned, picking the right set of irons is like selecting a tailor-made suit. They should feel like they were created especially for you.

So, how should you go about picking your irons? Is it really necessarily to spend a lot of money or can you fake it and find sticks which fit your game on a budget? Well, there are four main steps to choosing a set of irons and we are going to discuss them today. Then, the next time that you head out on an Ocala golf club course, it can be with the perfect irons in hand.

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How to Enjoy the Ocala Country Club Experience

May 31, 2016

Ocala Country Club stands out as a center of attraction for everyone and all who love the experience of a truly relaxing environment. Ocala Country Club’s18-hole championship course is an invitation to a real golf experience on a play range of 6.673 yards to 4,933 yards with broad open fairways and its own fair share of roughs. This golf venue is challenging but fun-packed on almost a daily basis all through the year.

What You Get

Ocala Country Club offers a healthy and relaxed environment for a wonderful golfing experience. When registered as a member, there are benefits and preferential tee times that you can benefit from as you enjoy the wide expanse of golfing sanctuary that you are presented with on this golfer’s paradise.

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April 27, 2016

Whenever we have the chance for a getaway, the beach is always a special destination. The sensation of digging your toes into the warm sand or building sandcastles with children and realizing the surprising weight in the plastic bucket. Most people take pleasure in experiencing of playing with sand. That is, unless you are chipping out of a sand box while golfing. Concerning Ocala golf club golfers, sand boxes stir up anxiety and pressure.
But don’t fret, we are going to teach you tips and tricks to exit the bunker like a professional. After you have mastered these tricks, your friends or coworkers will wonder how you made it to the green with ease. With lower scores and higher confidence, these tips will help you out of sand traps and on to the green. 

Keeping it Positive

As you know, golf is a mental game and you need to keep a positive mindset. To avoid psyching yourself out, the best approach is having a solid stance and controlled breathing. The trick is to slow down your breathing, avoid all distractions, and completely focus on making it to the green and you will exit the bunker successfully. Even if this is a longer process, your end goal is making it to the green by avoiding the bunker. Ocala Golf Club’s top quality golf management professionals will tell you the same advice, so acknowledge the guidance and make the shot every time.

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