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4 Tips That Will Immediately Improve Your Short Game

You might power a drive down the fairway as a thing of beauty and grace.

But if your short game doesn't match your long game, your whole game suffers.

The short game is a lesson in finesse and control. With some practice, you'll chip your way into mastering the short game.

We can't promise you'll land on the list of top short game golfers this year.

But, here are four tips that will immediately improve your short game in golf.

1. Keep Soft Hands for the Chip

Keep a soft grip on the club when chipping. This helps release the tension in your forearms for a smoother stroke.

Then take your open stance, use your chipping swing--aiming for the back of the ball.

Practice this technique until it feels second nature to grip the club lightly when chipping toward the green.

2. Be Aware of the Left Arm

Your left arm controls your chipping stroke. The stroke should begin with your left arm and wrist starting the action, rather than pulling with your right arm.

When it's time, let the left arm also control the downswing. The left arm leads both the backswing and the downswing.

Keep your eyes glued to a dimple in the center of your ball. Aim for that spot when you connect your clubface to the ball.

3. Embrace the Bump and Run

The bump and run is a powerful shot to master. Use the ground as your friend.

Shoot over obstacles or overcome a bad lie with a simple bump shot that rolls across the green with ease.

Aim for a spot before the hole and let your ball hit that spot then roll toward the hole on the green. When swinging, position the ball toward the back in your stance.

Be sure of your angles, the speed of the green, and your club selection.

You don't need a lot of loft with this shot. Control and precision are key.

4. Watch Your Swing Tempo

Don't rush your swing in the short game.

Your swing tempo should stay the same for your backswing as well as your downswing. A one-two count on the way up means a one-two count on the way down.

Use different tempos and speeds depending on your shot. You'll develop different tempos that work best for different shot scenarios in your short game.

Find your rhythm and stick with it. Try a tempo app to try tempo suggestions for your shots.

Improve Your Short Game in Golf With Practice

Whether pitching, chipping or flopping your short game in golf, practice is your 1 step to better golf.

Repetition for muscle memory is the best way for a consistent swing every time your clubface strikes the golf ball.

When you're ready to hit the links, find your best local Ocala golf course and play a round of golf with your new skills.

And be sure to take a friend along with you. There are many benefits to learning and improving your golf game with a friend. Plus, it's more fun that way!