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5 Helpful Tips for Playing Golf in the Rain

Golf is an incredibly popular game with over 23 million players in the United States alone. If you love golf - we mean, really love golf - you might want to play no matter what kind of weather is out there.

There's many reasons you can find yourself playing golf in the rain: you made reservations at an exclusive club a long time ago or you're getting together with a friend who's only with you for a limited time.

No matter why you find yourself getting wet on the green, we've got five great tips to show you how to play golf in the rain.

1) Invest In Waterproof Clothing

Want to play golf in the rain on the regular? You need to keep dry.

It might be a little pricey up front, but it's worth it to invest in a great rain suit.

Make sure it's

  • lightweight
  • keeps you dry and cool at the same time
  • stretches and adjusts to your swing

2) Get A Quality Umbrella

On top of your rain suit, you can't go wrong with a classic, sturdy umbrella.

Purchase one that's got a large canopy. An umbrella with double layers that allows air to flow through it will keep it from turning inside out.

While this will add a bit of bulk to your bag, it's a lifesaver when a sudden downpour catches other golfers by surprise.

3) Double Up

No matter what kind of precautions you take playing golf in the rain, you'll still get somewhat wet. Minimize damage by doubling up on the essentials.

For example, keep a second scorecard in your bag compartment in case your first gets completely soaked.

Besides buying clubs with grips that can handle the extra moisture, keep a spare glove in your bag, too. Having a good grip on your club is essential to a winning game.

Make sure you've got a spare set of clothes to change into when the game is over. What you do after golf is just as fun as playing the game.

4) Change Your Game As Needed

Once you're on the course, you'll see that the water changes how you have to play.

There's less run on wet greens, and you'll find yourself putting a bit more firmly than you're used to.

When playing on wet sand, your ball will tend to go a little farther than usual. Slow your tempo and close the face to create some dig.

5) Adjust Your Attitude

Playing golf in the rain is a challenge. Whether or not you have a good time is up to you.

You'll have to work for each shot and your scoring won't be as good as it usually is. Lean into the challenge and enjoy the ride for a good time!

Playing Golf In The Rain Is Different - And Fun!

With these five tips, you're ready to take on any course, no matter what the conditions!

That being said, please be careful playing golf in the rain. If there's lightning on the course, head back to the clubhouse and call it a day. A full 5% of lightning-related deaths occur on a golf course.

Come join us at Summer Glen Golf Club and enjoy a great game of golf, rain or shine!